Following my reading with Imelda I needed to sit and digest the wealth of information that I had been given. I was quite incredulous about the exactness of some of what I was told. An amazing, emotional and very welcome experience. Thank you.
- Elena G

 Imelda Penny - Psychic Medium

The youngest of eight children, Imelda Penny was born in Dublin, Ireland and raised by strict Irish Catholic parents. Although very strong in her Catholic beliefs, Imelda’s mother did not resist her own psychic mediumship gift passed down by her own mother.


She openly expressed her abilities as a spiritual and psychic medium although the issue was never discussed within the family. It just was - it was natural and spiritual.


An example of this is when Imelda’s mother had a deceased brother-in-law visit her in her bedroom to advise that a relative had passed away. As a consequence, Imelda’s family members were told of the death well before the official news came from a relative. You can imagine the messenger’s shock when Imelda’s mother said that the family already knew of the relative’s passing. This was not an uncommon occurrence in Imelda’s household.


As a survival evidence psychic medium, Imelda is able to bridge the gap between two planes of existence - the gap between the world of the living and the world of those who have passed over into the spirit world. Imelda provides evidential proof to audience members – that is, Imelda recounts events, a memory, characteristics or disabilities the spirit may have had when they were alive. Or even how the passed over or what they did for a living.


People often feel utterly stunned at the level of detail that comes through – details often only the message recipient and deceased could ever know about.


You would never know she was speaking with Spirit whilst watching Imelda on stage working as a survival evidence spiritual medium. It is as if she is catching up with an old friend. She has a comfortable natural style and this helps make everyone feel at ease. 


Imelda is available for private spiritual readings by contacting her on 0418 285 706



December 2016


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