I had a reading with Imelda that very much touched my heart. 

Her delivery was very accurate and very sincere. 
Thank you Imelda, I'll definitely be coming back. 




4th June 2018 

It was a surprising experience that moved me. I've had my nan come through to me in my dreams and to have the message connect to me was very important to me. 




30th April 2018 

Thoughtit was absolutly wonders and her gift is used beautifully May God Bless You.




30th April 2018 


I am spectical every time I go to a show like this and have to be convinced with evidence. Imelda did just that. There was no way anyone would know the song I was singing today that Imelda referred to. What a beautiful gift you have Imelda. 
Thank you for helping people connect to loved ones. 




30th May 2018 

Imelda brought up amazing facts from childhoodright through to today of almost falling backwards on the backyard steps. 

This reading was my beautiful loving grandmother Elsie. I was only just thinking of her today. How clever, loving and amazing woman she was. It was incredible to hear the memories and experiences over many years. Everything seems alive again beause of Imelda's may gifts and her accurate delivery. 
So emotional and true privelidge to be given such a wonderful reading. The information spand years yet brought everything all together today now. I feel very fortunate to have been given such a wonderful and detailed reading. 
Imelda is the real deal and I am very grateful to her. Thank you. 




30th May 2018 


Thank you Imelda for such a wonderful reading. I had a feeling that my father had a message for me today so I am very pleased I came with my daughter. Your reading was accurate and it comforts me to know that he is happy in the world of spirit. 




30th May 2018


Imelda was very accurate. My dad came through and she described him to a T. He said he 'had the kid.' My son died 18 months ago and it was wonderful to hear that they are together. She also said the number 25 - my birthday is on the 25th. Thank you, Imelda, for confirmation that they are still alive. 



30th May 2018 


Hi Imelda, I had a reading with you last week and it was amazing, the names you gve me were spot on, it was beautiful being able to talk to Mam again, I felt like I was talking to her on the phone. Some thing didn't make sense until a couple of days later when my friend and daughter spoke to me about those very things you had told me. 
I m still so happy every time I think about what you said, I will definitely be back to see you again
Thank you so much 



19th April 2018 


Hi Imelda, thank you for the reading you did for my sisters and I today.  We were overjoyed with the amount of information coming through and we were astounded at the accuracy of the information.

Many loved ones came through  but you made it very easy for us to understand .

We hope you know how much your kindness and patience is appreciated.

You have a very special talent that brings a lot of comfort to people. Thank you again for linking us with our loved ones who have passed. We will see you again soon.



24th February 2018


Hi Imelda ,

Myself & family would love to pass on our many thanks to yourself. We were so overwhelmed with how Saturday went & thank you for giving each of us closure that was needed, you truly have a beautiful gift & thank you for sharing it.

We hope to see yourself again in the near future ,

Many thanks

Take care



17th February 2018


Imelda you are one truly gifted person, I have to thank you for my private reading. It was such a special moment to be able to connect with my family again including my father and brother. It was just so emotional and fantastic to communicate with them again


Then when I went home and sat around the table with my family having a cup of tea and listening to the reading again, we laughed and cried and it was like the whole family were back together again. Thank you




Hi Imelda, Thankyou for the reading you did at my fiends Kim’s last Sunday. I had only attended to support a friend and was very surprised when my late Grandmother came through. Mostly because she would of had nothing to do with this mumbo jumbo and her scepticism has been passed down through the generations as well.


The level of detail in the reading was astonishing, things only family members would link together. Details I was unsure of have since been confirmed by my mother, who I did wake up as instructed. The reason for my thanks though is the feeling of peace we have gained as a family since this.


My grandmother had suffered with dementia for the last few years of her life and most of the time was unable to recognise family members. The pain to family members when this happens is heartbreaking as you watch someone you love suffer and they don’t even know you are there. I had been away from home overseas the last four years and never got the chance to say goodbye and this has upset me greatly this last year since she passed.


To have the contact at Sundays reading, to know she was ok and with my grandfather and that she had got her memories back and was remembering all the happy times has given me some comfort. To then be told she is still with us everyday even when I am out shopping, the information you provided about where and what I was doing was astounding, has totally shaken everything I have ever thought about the physical and spiritual world.


Thankyou so much, your reading was a revelation and despite revisiting my grief this week as the contact has just made me realise how much I miss her I have found some peace I didn’t even know I needed.


I still have so many questions and will be coming to the mean fiddler very soon.


Many thanks, I am sure you know how much people appreciate the link you provide and the comfort that people gain. You have a very special gift and I thankyou.


Kate Scott


Dear Imelda,

My daughters and I have attended a few demonstrations over the last couple of months unsure of what to expect. I want to say thank you for showing us that our loved ones are around us. The readings that you gave were very accurate and left us with a sense of amazement especially when my son came through and made me laugh remembering how much he loved life and always pushed the boundaries . He really made his mark on everyone he knew in a very short time. It was so lovely that he wished me happy birthday from the spiritual world May 2013


I would just like to thank Imelda on behalf of the group of friends that came to see her .There was supposed to be 6 of us but one stayed home to watch the state of origIn. Well guess whose family came through .I had to pass on the messages to the lady who was blown away by the evidence and the messages. In all three of the group had readings and where all so excited they found it very hard to sleep that night.i just loved seeing the look on their faces as the evidence and messages hit the mark. I have seen Imelda on a few occasions and I am always amazed and excited at the transformation and healing I see in the faces of the people who receive readings. there is no doubt in my mind that Imelda is blessed with a wonderful gift I thank her for sharing it with us




My mother and I saw Imelda Feb 2013 and since I will never forget this amazing reading. We wanted so desperately to connect with my brother who had passed 2 years ago. Her reading went for a while and he hadnt come through, but he was patient and allowed everyone else to have their turn and then came through. It was such an extraordinary experience, and one we have longed for since his passing! Words cannot describe the way mum and I felt to have him connect with us, as well as many other friends and family members who had passed.


This reading gave mum and I so much clarity to our lives, and also wisdom in moving forward.


Thankyou so very much Imelda, you have such an amazing gift.


I hope your well?

Hopefully see you again soon



Gabriella (mum)


Dear Imelda,

In June 2011, our dearly loved grandmother on my husband’s side, passed away. We were all touched and deeply saddened by her passing and a few days before her funeral, I kept my appointment for a reading that I had booked for myself months prior. It was my first reading with you and my husband agreed to drive me to my appointment and for some unknown reason decided to come in with me to sit in on the reading. Don’t ask me what possessed him to do that because up until that morning when we arrived, he was the BIGGEST sceptic and non-believer this side of the world! Very black and white and nothing in between!


However, all that was about change ……… Within minutes, Imelda brought through his beloved grandmother that had just passed over. You had described her characteristics perfectly and relayed messages from her to both of us. It was such a blessing and reassurance to know she was still with us in spirit, and my husband needed to hear it as he especially was very close to her…. We also had many other family members come through with messages of love, support and confirmation of certain things already taking place in our life. The messages that came through were amazing to say the least – some of the things you said knocked us both for six and left my husband shaking his head in awe. You even mentioned names of specific family members! I could go on and on about our reading but the most amazing thing is that I have always believed that there is more out there and now my husband is a believer too…… In my heart, I had this feeling that his grandmother gave him a gentle nudge to come with me that morning…. some things are just mean’t to be…


What a special blessing you are, Imelda…… the world is a better place with you in it. You rocked our world that day and we think you’re one of a kind but above all, pretty awesome………….


Love & hugs,
Teresa & Steve


Hi Imelda,

I would like to Thank you for the private reading that you held for my sister and I in September 2011. You are an extraordinary person with a gift that left us floating out the door filled with love & happiness in our hearts.

Many loved ones that came through that day and told us stories from long ago. My grandmother who had passed before we were born but had heard many stories came through and gave us her guidance and support to keep moving forward.


Our beautiful dad was the person we longed to connect with and he waited patiently for everyone to have their turn before he made himself known….such patience just as he had in life.


Imelda, you gave us time with our dad & although it was just minutes, It is something we never took for granted in life and will never take for granted in spirit. We reminisced about old memories and spent much of the time laughing at his jokes, all he wanted was his baby girls to laugh again. I felt his energy and love. Over the months after the reading i still remember and think about all the new messages he gave us & know he is with us sharing all the happy moments.

There is something so very beautiful in what you give to people. You helped me to keep living my life as i now know that my dad & my other loved ones are happy and okay and we will see each other again one day.

I am excited to come and see you again in the future.

Sheena (Blacktown NSW)


Today is the very first time that I saw a medium and I went there feeling skeptical and apprehensive. However, after meeting Imelda I was so impressed with the reading and the way she put me at ease.I have highly recommended her to my friends and family. I must add that very same night in my bed , in my sleep i felt the presence of my late mother who talked to me and hugged me. For the very first time since her death I really felt at peace and felt that my mother was still alive and with me in the house. I did not feel lonely or frightened and when I woke up I felt refreshed and rested.



Hi Imelda,Can you please post this testimonial on your site for me..thank you.


I had the luck of the irish when I attended the Linking two worlds with Imelda on Wdnesday.

Imelda brought through my granfather in great detail,dates ,names,events the fact i forgot a birthday just passed,my daughters dancing medals and trophys and not to forget the old oak tree .which may seem odd but it was one of those magic pieces of evidence that make your eyes pop out of your head.Emelda went on in detail about the reading and I can tell you 100% spot on.I have since been able to give the messages to other members of the family who where very excited about the messages.what words can you say to someone who re-connects you with your loved ones but thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of my family and myself….





Hi Imelda,
After the reading you gave me on the 23rd March I was absolutely amazed at the accruacy of it. I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience, it was the best feeling that I have ever had in my life, and I am not joking. I didn’t want it to end as my mother and brother came through as well as other relatives and friends. I was astounded by the messages that they had. My mother was singing “On the wings of a dove”, which she used to sing all the time when I was growing up. My brother gave me a tip on the Melbourne Cup which is something that he would do as he always had a bet on the horses.
I have felt so good since then and I even wake and start to sing “On the wings of a dove”, myself It is a marvellous feeling to connect to passed loved ones. I miss them so much and now I know that they are happy and are still around me. Thank you for giving this to me and I wish you and your family all the very best. You are a very gifted woman and I would love to see you again another time.

God bless you
From a true believer


Hi Imelda.
I would just like to thank Imelda on behalf of the group of friends that came to see her .There was supposed to be 6 of us but one stayed home to watch the state of origIn. Well guess whose family came through . I had to pass on the messages to the lady who was blown away by the evidence and the messages. In all three of the group had readings and where all so excited they found it very hard to sleep that night.i just loved seeing the look on their faces as the evidence and messages hit the mark. I have seen Imelda on a few occasions and I am always amazed and excited at the transformation and healing I see in the faces of the people who receive readings. there is no doubt in my mind that Imelda is blessed with a wonderful gift I thank her for sharing it with us.



Hi Imelda,
I just needed to let you know about the reading last night. I was the one sitting at the front on your side.

The reading you did for me was from my brother inlaw.(Lewis)

You said he had a sore head and died before his time and that his death was a shock for everyone! He died at the age of 36 in a speed boat accident of head injuries so horrific that the family were unable to have a viewing before the funeral.

You said that he worked with his hands in his job and if a chicken dish was served when the family got together, He was a chicken farmer and used his hands to pick the eggs as for the chicken dish i guess being a chicken farmer chicken was always on the menu whoever cooked it.

He was cheaky and he was interested in anything that went fast, he did have a white car as you said, and it is my boys who ride motorbikes and often ride around our property without helmets, My boys do probably drive to fast as you also mentioned.

You metioned me trying to bring the family together again and that to is accurate, Lewis’s family didn’t speak to the rest of the family,so at my husbands birthday a few years ago i did try and reunite everyone but failed.

My husband is also younger than Lewis as you said. You said a date 21st May was an Anniversary or Birthday, I knew Lewis birthday was in May but didn’t know the date,and my husband wasn’t 100% certain, but I have since had confirmation that Lewis Birthday is the 21st May.

Thankyou for the reading it has made us all hopeful that we can communicate with loved ones.
we will see you again


Dear Imelda

I want to thank you so much for enabling me to contact my family who have passed. I have attended your Linking Two Worlds demonstrations twice, and was lucky enough to hear from both family members.

It means so much to me, more than you could know. My mother passed in Sept ’09 and I was devastated, you allowed me to know she was safe and happy.

Then my brother passed after an unexpected illness in January 2011, my world fell apart, I had none of my former family left and I could not bear it.

Again I came to your demonstration and my brother came through for me and it was joyous. The pain of losing them is still quite raw and hard to deal with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it is such a comfort to know that they are OK and are still around me, and care about me.


With great respect

Denise xx


Today is the very first time that I saw a medium and I went there feeling skeptical and apprehensive. However, after meeting Imelda I was so impressed with the reading and the way she put me at ease.I have highly recommended her to my friends and family. I must add that very same night in my bed , in my sleep i felt the presence of my late mother who talked to me and hugged me. For the very first time since her death I really felt at peace and felt that my mother was still alive and with me in the house. I did not feel lonely or frightened and when I woke up I felt refreshed and rested.


5th January 2011


Dear Imelda,
I have attended your Linking Two Worlds and I have had the benefit of your Mediumship Reading.

I have never before experienced such accuracy from a Medium.

You have helped me tremendously and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to connect with a loved one.

Your readings are so accurate and detailed. I really felt that my loved ones were in the room with us, and I was even able to experience a bonding moment which I never thought was possible after death.

Not only did you help me connect, but you have offered me great insight and inspiration.

Thank You.
Best Regards,


What sets Imelda apart from other mediums is her sweet sensitivity: she is always positive in conveying evidence and messages from spirit, protecting the feelings of the living and the spirit. Coupled with this, is her twinkling sense of humour, as she enjoys the personalities of spirits, laughing with them and sometimes chiding: “…I can’t say that!” I’m happy to say that I’ve been to several ‘Linking Two Worlds’ evenings and have witnessed many people feeling joy, relief, peace and reassurance in being connected with their loved ones. Imelda not only manages a large crowd of living guests – but also, all of their connected spirits, who are jockeying for attention and the opportunity to speak! In my case, in a very crowded room, Imelda quizzically noted that a spirit was whistling. She asked whether someone bred birds? It was my grandfather, being clever in order to cut through the crowd.. He did indeed breed birds, as did I. Imelda proceeded to provide more evidence that made me sure that this was indeed my father’s father. Having never met him, it is a marvellous gift to me, to know that he is around me. My whole perspective on life has changed since I met Imelda. I cannot thank her enough and encourage anyone to come along to ‘Linking Two Worlds’ – you won’t regret it!


With warm regards,


Imelda, what can I say? You are amazing!! I had a reading for the first season of the year. I had three people come over and it blew me away. You are so patient for all walks of life, past and present.

Thank You.
Kelly O


Dear Imelda,

I just want to thank you for bringing my Mum, Dad and I together again, even though it was for a short time it really has meant a lot to Dad and I!


You were spot on validating who was coming through with memories and descriptions even knowing personal stories about us that you possibly wouldn’t have known.After our reading two of the many things Mum did say to us has already happened – within a week of our reading we had plumbing and car issues!


Again thank-you for your accurate reading and for putting us in touch with our loved one it means the world to us and something we will never forget, you truly are a gifted woman!


Peter and Cieanne


Imelda has helped open a truly amazing door for me to walk through. Thank you so much truly inspirational



Dear Imelda

Thank you for my life changing reading. I would like to write a testimonial for your website. It is very hard to put your reading into words. I felt I was speaking directly to my son, his words, his expressions, through you he answered so many questions I had only thought of, but had never expressed in words to another human being. Before your reading my world was very dark, even the birth of my first grandchild couldn’t lift me from this darkness. Since your reading I feel fantastic. I feel an enormous sense of relief knowing that he is still with me and I am able to communicate with him through you. Knowing he is happy and settled in his new world has been incredibly life changing for me. I have purchased the ring he asked for and I am “tarting myself up and getting on with life” (he never left the house unless he was properly groomed). There are no words that can express how I feel I can only say THANK YOU. It must be wonderful to have a gift that brings so much comfort to people.


With heart felt thanks Beth


Dear Imelda

I wanted to hear from my dad since he passed 14 years ago, as I was unable to be with him at the time of his passing. Thank you so much Imelda for giving me the opportunity to have contact with him again. You can’t imagine how much it affected me to do that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The great relief and lovely feelings experienced were just amazing and the evidence you provided just blew me away. The things coming through you were so personal and private, nobody would have known most of them. I am a great believer in the continuum of life thanks to you. It would have been very beneficial for my state of mind to meet you earlier Imelda but I am very happy that I did now. I will never forget this experience in this lifetime. Thank you so much.




I would like to thank you for the reading last night it was so amazing to hear what my mother had to say after five years of silence I would like to say to anyone who is reading this that there is no way in the world that you could have known any of the stuff my mother mentioned through you. you have an amazing gift and i am so thankful that you are willing to share it with people who are desperate to hear from their family and friends I would love to come again and I am planning to bring alone a few of my friends who would love to get a reading from you. I was amazed to see how my mother was thinking and listening to my questions as soon as she came into the room she answered my questions that my family and I had been speaking about before we left to witness your gift. so once again thank you so much you are an amazing person.


Amanda G 


Thankyou so much for the amazing reading you gave me when I attended the Psychic fair at Doyalson RSL Club last Sunday. I was very sceptical at the time and as you said it was totally out of my character to be there having a reading. However, after losing two close friends recently, I had encountered unexplainable things happening around me and felt drawn to investigating if there was anything in it. So I came to you with an open mind and wow was I surprised by the details and accuracy that you came up with. You described both their passings and their lifestyles perfectly. There was not one bit of information that was incorrect. The soft toy monkey called Jo Jo, that you asked me who had it, that I could not confirm at the time, I found out after, belongs to the son of the mother that had passed, which she had given to him as a gift. It had been hidden away in his wardrobe until a few days before I came to you, when the family dog had pulled it out and the young boy chucked it on his bed, just where you said it was! That was enough to convince me. I was excited and happy to relay the messages to their grieving loved ones, which has given them great comfort.


Thankyou again,


I was recommended to Imelda by a good and trusted friend. I did not know what to expect or even if I truly believed in that spirits could talk thru humans. To my surprise before I even walked up the stairs to see Imelda for the first time the spiritual world had already open the door and started to send messages to Imelda. As I walked in my best friends Grandmother had pushed in ahead of my own family and friends waiting in the wings to say hello to her granddaughter. Imelda could not have known this information. I questioned her ability or genuineness no longer.


There were many friends and family waiting to so hello, I was over whelmed by how many spirits came. Imelda was very good trying to control all of them, we both had to ask them to speak one at a time. I found it hard not to keep my questions at bay also. It was a kind, warm, safe experience.


Because I have a belief in the spiritual world and now it has been clarified by Imelda I was pleasantly surprised to know who looks out for me, who it could be that sits at the end of bed every night as for years i have always felt a warm energy sitting at the end of my bed every night.


Funny enough it has also bought my mother and myself a bit closer , as she has a similar belief and it was wonderful talking to to her about my experience with Imelda plus clarifying ” who was that cooked with butter milk?” ” who was it that had the sore foot?”. My mother could immediately tell me who it was. I would recommend everyone go to Imelda, its fun, clarifying, warm, kind and safe.”


Connie V


From the start of the night, everyone in attendance I am sure felt as welcome as I did. There was a number of people in attendance and the overall atmosphere was still warm and friendly. Throughout the evening I had been enjoying hearing you link other families through the evening, hearing the messages from those who have passed ones, gently reminding, encouraging those who remain in this world, you suddenly mentioned someone from my past and I began to feel those old tears; fresh and hot, rising in my eyes – tears of pain and joy.


Imelda, you said the magic words and I knew it was my daughter – “spina bifida” and “wheel chair”. It was my daughter, there was no question about it. Jay was born with spina bifida. Had she lived she would have been confined to a wheel chair as she had no function below her waist. You also passed a message to me that Jay and I had “discussed” frequently in my mind prior to my allowing her to move from this phase of existence to the next.

You had also noticed that after Jay gave her message she took up her place in the arms of a woman appearing to be a nun – yes, we have a nun in our family too. I am happy to know that my daughter has experienced that which she needed to and that I was able to provide to her that which she required. I am also happy to know that it is normal to be sad and to miss her.

You also gave me a message from an uncle to give to one of his children. I have tried to contact my cousin but to no avail but I will be sure to pass it on.


I was excited at the prospect of attending that evening with my friends and not wild horses would have kept me. I was very intent on coming to see you and as a result, I was very glad I did.


Imelda, you also gave me aspects of my personality and history. These were very accurate and I was extremely pleased to hear that one of the changes that was in store for me was that I would return to work with children. I think that the term used about working with children was “this is where you blossom”. I have been told this before by a Tibetan Astrologer and hopefully soon an opportunity will arise so that this will occur.


I found it to be a very moving experience. Amongst those that ‘visited’ was an old friend of mine who came through ( and whom I had almost totally forgotten about) and after a few goes trying to identify him, it all started to zip along very quickly with funny and pertinent anecdotes and a boot up the bum for me to get on with things! I know it was him – due to his distinct personality and sense of humour and Imelda did a great job of channelling him and his messages to me. Imelda was warm and professional and is clearly a gifted medium.


Dee S


I left the reading on a bit of a high. My brother had come through and mentioned memories only he and I had shared. I was also visited by grand parents. It was all a wonderfully positive experience and has left me motivated to get on with life. Their encouraging words were inspiring for me”.


Sara G


Our very own John Edward and for the life of me I can’t understand why Imelda is not being mobbed in the street.I have had a private reading with Imelda and also attended 3 Linking Two Worlds and in all I have just been absolutely amazed by the accuracy of the messages given to me.


I have received messages from my mother who passed away 30 years ago. I was told about a piece of jewellery that my sister had lost and that she would receive another piece as a present and then would find the lost piece. I also received a message from my mother-in-law which meant so much to me regarding the birth of my son and how sorry she was that she wasn’t here when he was born but she is with him and knows everything that is happening. She also apologised for believing something that another person had said about me and now knew that it wasn’t true.


On another occasion my grandmother came through and gave me a message for my sick aunty about changing her doctor as the medication she was on was not helping her. My aunty is now on different medication and her diabetes is stable. My brother-in-law has just passed over three months ago and I was so happy when he came through and wanted me to know that he was really happy where he was. He was also having great laugh about a conversation we had had about travelling. I had been telling him about the magnificent buildings and churches I had seen whilst in Europe. The message that came through was “remember the conversation we had about your holiday well guess what I can go there whenever I like”. I just knew it was him as we had this wonderful relationship and we were always having fun with one another. He was also telling me about flinging his head back and trying on my new scarves which I had only been given an hour before… Quite amazing…

I have absolutely no doubt that the messages I have received have come from my loved ones who have passed over. Quite a few messages were related to private conversations I had with my loved ones and they have never been repeated to anyone else. I have been very lucky to meet Imelda. She is an amazingly gifted lady, who deserves to have her name said in the same breath as John Edward or any of the other well known mediums because believe me, she is better.”


Donna R


At my first demonstration Imelda brought through my great aunt on my mother’s side. She had lived in England and I had met her once when she came out to Australia, so didn’t know a great deal about her. She came through saying that I had felt her presence but didn’t know who was there. This was true; although I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone she also said through Imelda that I had been seeing flashes of light from the corner of my eye and that this had also been her. I had barely acknowledged this until then, thinking my eyes were playing up! This had actually happened that evening before Imelda came to me! There were a number of things about her life that were mentioned that I did not know about. These were later confirmed by Mum and Nanna – obscure things like her favourite lolly and where she hung out with Nanna in their youth.


At another demonstration my Nanna’s mum came through, singing a song that my Nanna and her sister used to tease her with when they were younger! “Sally, Sally, pride of our alley”. Her name was Sarah but everyone called her Sal. Again there were a number of things that I could not confirm at the time, but were later verified by Mum. Imelda then asked about the faulty lock at our house, which I denied, thinking she was with the wrong person. Imelda was persistent saying that I should think harder, but I still couldn’t place it. Imelda said that my great-grandmother was telling me to be careful, that the lock needed replacing before the key broke off in it. I took this with me, even though I couldn’t find anything wrong with our locks at the time. Sure enough, months later, the lock on our front door started playing up, with the key sometimes feeling like it would break if I put too much force on it. I heeded my great-grandmother’s warning and went out to buy a new lock!

I have been a regular at Linking Two Worlds now for over a year and I am hooked!


Over this past year I have brought many family members and friends along to Linking Two Worlds. Imelda has brought through family members I never knew I had, and it often feels like I am at a family reunion for those living and passed. My father who was previously the cynic of all cynics, was converted by Imelda’s gift. There were so many obscure piece of information that she gave him that she had no way of knowing – I didn’t even know about some of them. I find Imelda’s ability to bring through people’s characteristic personalities uncanny. It makes for an often entertaining and sometimes emotional, evening. Imelda has a wonderful gift for bringing messages to the living from loved ones passed, in a way that is thoughtful, meaningful and touching to all who attend.








December 2016

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